‘Women leading change’ is a blog that features contributions from women and young women who are leading social and economic change in their communities. The contributors share stories about the challenges they face in their community and offer solutions and insights that can bring about sustainable change–especially to the lives of women and girls.

The blog is coordinated by the World YWCA–a global movement that reaches 25 million women and girls in over 120 countries providing them with the space and skills to develop leadership to achieve justice, peace, security, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment in their community. Visitors to the blog are invited to like our official World YWCA facebook page  and also follow the World YWCA on twitter.

Disclaimer: Visitors who use this website and rely on any information do so at their own risk. The World YWCA is not responsible for the contents or reliability of any other websites to which we provide a link, or the automated links that appear on each page and do not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Amruta from Pune, India. First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on your contribution to the cause of Women Empowerment.

    I volunteer for the Art of Living foundation. We work extensively in the field of Women Empowerment and Girl Child Education (http://www.artofliving.org/women-empowerment).

    We are organizing the 6th International Women’s Conference (IWC) in February 2013 at Bangalore, India. When we think of a women’s conference, we tend to think of it as a gathering of women to ponder upon the challenges we face such as suppression and disempowerment of women. But IWC is anything but that. Since its inception in 2005, IWC is a celebration of women and of womanhood. We come together to celebrate our strength, our inner beauty, and to inspire, not just those who attend the Conferences but women all over the world.

    IWC is a global platform to share our experiences, showcase women’s issues and their milestone achievements, create a global network of women leaders committed to bringing about social transformation through personal initiatives and society alliances, and celebrate and honor women for their outstanding contribution to society. We undertake concrete service oriented projects and showcase causes, aimed at sustainable socio-economic development of communities all around the world.

    Till date, 5000+ delegates from over 75 countries across the globe have been a part of this transformation. Here are the key achievements of the past conferences:
    • ‘India’s Missing Daughters’ conference
    • Peanut Butter Project started in Moreva in Africa
    • Educated 4,373 girls.
    • Planted 9.6 million trees in 36 countries.
    • Built 100 homes in Indian villages.
    • Set up 60 schools and shortly we will have 148 schools.
    • Established the Middle East Women’s Network that will create a platform for existing women peacemakers, develop national youth peace centers in Jordan and Afghanistan as well as foster social entrepreneurship amongst women.
    • Focused on rural progress by creating jobs for rural youth
    For more information about the service initiatives, you can visit http://iwc.artofliving.org/~iwc/about/service-initiatives

    The theme for this year’s conference is Harmony: Evolution towards Perfection. In this conference, we seek to explore and share:
    • Insights on the inner strength that marks extraordinary people who face formidable challenges with equanimity
    • Creative ways of increasing the Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH)
    • Approaches to recognize and appreciate the fine and subtle elements of our life that reinforce harmony
    • Reflections on factors that influence our relationships at all levels and our response to circumstances
    • Approaches to increase awareness of restoring harmony with Nature
    • Ways to reinforce spirituality and human values in society as a means to establish harmony
    • The impact on society of leaders whose personal goals are goals for the whole world

    We are working on creating awareness about the conference. Can you help us out by posting a blog post informing your audience about the conference? We are sure your readers would benefit immensely from this conference. If you would like, I would be happy to submit a guest blog as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  2. Hello there,

    I just have a question about your site – If you could please email me back when you get a chance I’d greatly appreciate it.


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