African-Americans and HIV: how should we respond?

Natalia with Phil Wilson, ED of Black AIDS Institute

Natalia with Phil Wilson, ED of Black AIDS Institute

Contributor: Natalia Cales

While listening to many press conferences and reading the daily AIDS 2008- Global Voice newspaper, it is clear that many feel we are not succeeding in the response HIV and AIDS. From Africa to Asia, in the Caribbean and the United States, HIV is on the rise! Some researchers state “stopping the Epidemic is possible”, but do they really have the “perfect solution”? With additional treatment methods and an increasing ARV medication list, why are the statistics showing this alarming trend.

As a young woman from America, I am very concerned about the recent statistics regarding the rising epidemic. Recently, the Black AIDS Institute (BAI) in the United States published a report, Left Behind, reflecting the state of AIDS in Black America. During a press conference held at the IAC, I had the pleasure to listen to several influential black leaders from the US discuss this report, including Phil Wilson, US Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Pernessa Seele, Dr. Helena Gayle, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Dr. Jacob Gayle.

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