Natalia Cales reflects on AIDS 2008

vblog by Natalia Cales Reflections on the XVII International AIDS Conference…

Leaving AIDS 2008 with mixed emotions

Contributor: Natalia Cales As I prepare to leave the IAC in Mexico City, I have many thoughts running through my mind. Overall, I had a wonderful opportunity to network and meet amazing people from around the world who are working towards meaningful change in the “HIV/AIDS World”. Everyone who attended the conference brought a different […]

AIDS 2008: Youth participation has increased, says Alischa

vblog by Natalia Cales I interviewed Alischa, 28, from Australia who shares her experience as a young woman who has attended five International AIDS Conference. This is a summary of what she says: “Youth participation has grown… when I first went to an International AIDS Conference eight years ago, there was hardly a handful of […]

African-Americans and HIV: how should we respond?

Contributor: Natalia Cales While listening to many press conferences and reading the daily AIDS 2008- Global Voice newspaper, it is clear that many feel we are not succeeding in the response HIV and AIDS. From Africa to Asia, in the Caribbean and the United States, HIV is on the rise! Some researchers state “stopping the […]

We need mentors, says young woman at ‘AIDS 2008’

vblog by Natalia Cales I asked Angela, from Kenya, a young woman attending AIDS 2008 what she hoped the outcomes of the conference would be, especially as a young woman since young women are most affected by HIV. She said that she hoped young women would come out of the conference stronger and more empowered…

We can make a change, says young woman

vblog by Natalia Cales I spoke with Davia from Jamaica, a young woman attending AIDS 2008 who shared with me some of the problems women in Jamaica face. She hopes for change, that the conference will bring about change but also that young women can lead the change!

AIDS 2008: We must have condoms

vblog by Natalia Cales I interviewed Tais from Brazil who shared with me her experiences from attending the XVII IAC in Mexico City. The most important lesson she learnt during the conference she says is “condoms, condoms, condoms!”

AIDS 2008: Young Women on the move

Contributor: Natalia Cales Since the opening ceremony of the XVII International AIDS Conference on August 3, over 25,000 people have traveled from around the world in response to the call for Universal Action Now! Many delegates attending have been infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, while others really just want to make a difference […]

If I was in charge

Contributor: Natalia Cales As the XVII International AIDS Conference (IAC) begins in Mexico City on August 3-8, thousands from around the world will be attending this monumental event. Since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic more than 25 years ago, millions of people have been infected and affected. Today, the face of HIV is among […]