Poem: What I Imagine

Marie Skripec – Member of Committee and Volunteer of the YWCA of Germany

I Imagine12193459_10153724396559284_5214319171336134951_n

I imagine a world

where there are no more armed conflicts,
no more wars
no more people that have to flee from their countries,
have to leave their homes and their beloved behind

I imagine people,

women and men
to stand up
and say that we don’t want people to be killed
we don’t want to support governments and people
that develop cruel strategies
and initiate conflicts and wars
in beautiful countries,
We don’t want any more People and governments
that are responsible for the death of so many people
because they seek for more resources, influence and power
claiming to operate in the name of democracy.

I imagine a near future

where we don’t spend our money on weapons, soldiers and armies
but on the protection of our environment, our nature and the people around us
on education and the future of our present and following generations
on mutual exchange and learning from each other
all around the globe

I imagine my country

to take more responsibility
a sustainable Germany
ecologically, economically, socially and culturally

I imagine people

that consumes less
and instead open their eyes
to see all the beautiful things around them
and conserve them:
trees, flowers, birds, butterflies
women, men, girls and boys
neighbours, friends, sisters and brothers

We often say
that we should see the world
through the eyes of a child

I imagine

that we seriously ask children for their opinions
and consider it in our decisions we make
locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

I imagine

children in our governments
parliaments consisting of
male and female leaders of all ages
deciding on our present and future.
learning from and relating to good and bad
practices and experiences in the past.
a flexible parliament
ready to learn permanently
listening to its people and all its variety

I imagine

many raindrops
changing the direction of many rivers
heading towards a just and fair world

I imagine

a world in peace
where we all live as one