What is ICT for you?

By Muonyelu Adaeze – The YWCA of Nigeria

What is ICT?
Should girls be involved in ICT?
Can girls prove proficiency in ICT?

All these questions cannot be answered if we do not understand the concept of Information Communication Technology (ICT). This is something that is all about the future, and this future has started.adezzee

One cannot survive or attain great heights without information. Information simply means communicable knowledge if a thing. It is only an informed person that can communicate effectively and only a person who has been informed in technology can communicate in technology.

In my opinion young girls should be involved in ICT in any way that they can. Some will say technology is for men, ignoring that!

ICT is even used everywhere such as in the kitchen where we use the microwave, the cooker, the oven, the dishwasher, the washing machine. Is this not ICT?

As the world is advancing, women are needed in the advancement. Let us all rise and embrace ICT.

As you have proved proficient in your kitchen equipment, you can also prove proficient in the world of ICT.

Whatsoever you want to achieve, you should endure till the end. Young girls, technology will take you to places of great achievement. In one accord, let’s all advance with the advancement the world is embarking on.

International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated around the world in April every year. The main goal is to make girls and young women aware of the vast possibilities offered by ICTs and give them confidence to pursue ICT studies and careers. Watch the video of this years celebration made by the U.S. Mission to Geneva.

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