Being part of a sisterhood

By Jennifer Kakai, YWCA of Solomon Islands

Hi! My name is Jennifer Kakai and I’m from the Solomon Islands. I joined the YWCASI in 2013 and work as a communications officer.

Being part of the YWCA Regional Training is indeed a blessing for me.

The sisterhood spirit during the training is awesome.

Being new to the YWCA family and first attending any of the YWCA Training ever is indeed a great opportunity for me to explore the new world and most of all the impacts this training has on me , building my self esteem and realizing the leadership potential I have.

One thing that stood out for me during the training is the togetherness all the pacific sisters in identifying the issues we face in the pacific.

There I realized that I’m not standing alone…..but with a handful of young women identifying and fighting to address common issues it gives me the strength to continue fight for the other young women.

The session on advocacy gives me a clear path on my work as a communication officer. Being new to advocacy work, the session gives me a clear path. I know that it would be a challenge for me, but I believe with the help of my other colleagues, we can make it through.

I’m glad to be part of this training and moreover part of the whole YWCA Family, a group of women with courage and passion for all the young women around the world.