By Sonia Odek, YWCA of Kenya.
Every morning before we set off for the day we always have a meeting in one of the spacious rooms which also happened to be the apartment I AM IN. It is usually an opportunity for us as YWCA delegates and our leader Hendrica Okondo to get together and forge a way forward on what we are to do for the day. In these meetings we first start by one of us praysharing a bible verse and expand on it by reflecting on its relevance for today. Then someone with a song would also share and then we would pray together.

After prayer it is usually followed by each delegate sharing with the rest of the group what they had learnt and how it encouraged, inspired or even educated them, they would then tells us how that experience applied to their own countries and their own YWCA and how they would use that experience to make a difference. The morning devotion is also used to address issues that may have come up among the members as they went through their day. Is it the place where grievances and differences are solved. It is the place where highlights of the do’s and don’ts are clearly highlighted. We get to ask questions on different matters including those we consider silly. Here we remind ourselves of both of the really funny moments we had and the out rightly blond moments we had.

I particularly like these sessions since they set the tone for the rest of the day for me. It is the place where I have to constantly remind myself each morning that am not on a Holiday trip but am here to work and make a difference. I realise that in the midst of the joy and laughter that we share, there is also a lot that we learn. The week begins and how I hope to learn from my fellow peers at the morning devotions.