Faith Brings Women Together

By Sylvia John, YWCA of Papua New Guinea, was part of the World YWCA Delegation attending AIDS 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

The YWCA of Papua New Guinea is a faith-based organisation working as part of the community response to HIV. The YWCA nurtures young women’s leadership in the community and brings women together. YWCA creates safe spaces for women to talk and act. In my community in Papua New Guinea, faith brings women together. Together we are guided by our collective spirituality.

I know God is looking after me and has a plan for me and my community. He gives me the strength to look after my peers. He is with me on my journey. There are some women living with HIV who don’t believe it, but we are all truly children of God. God is with us and is guiding us. He is looking after all of us no matter who you are. He has no judgement. I feel like I am working with God when there is no one beside me.

It is my heart’s desire to start a refuge in Port Moresby for positive women. During the AIDS2014 conference, I took another step in that journey and met with a representative from a global health program who will meet me in Port Morseby in three weeks time to talk about how we can progress this idea and make it a reality. I have been able to advocate for this project because of YWCA. YWCA will always be there to support women as leaders, creating safe spaces like my idea for a positive women’s refuge. It has supported me and now I can support other women.