Young Women in the YWCA of South Sudan

Looking to the Future

I was born August 25th, 1988 in Yambio, South Sudan. I am a South Sudanese. I completed my O’Level exams (High School) in 2011 and I am currently serving as Treasurer in my local YWCA on a voluntary basis. My vision is to study and complete my further education and become a full staff of YWCA in the nearest future. Also, I want to become a full participant in all the activities of the YWCA.

Singba Stella Simon

Singba Stella Simon

My future plan towards YWCA

I need the YWCA to concentrate on: Love, Peace, Honest, Unity, Liberty and Prosperity. Furthermore, what we really need is the empowerment of young women, sustainability and development in terms of education.

Currently, we are running the following programmes:

  • Create Awareness based on HIV/Aids.
  • To Stop Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • To stop early pregnancy

As a young South Sudanese woman I’m facing a few challenges.  I’m from an economically poor family and my father is living with disabilities and we are about seven children in the family. I work in casual service to support my school fees and I pray that God may help me to achieve my goals. I thank the YWCA for all their support and help.

Written by Singba Stella Simon.

Education Changing and Advancing Lives

My parents and I took refuge in RCA when the war reached West Equatorial State in 1990. My parents died when we were still in the Republic of Central Africa (RCA). Their death had a great impact on my future plans and life. One such impact was that I had to drop out of school in Senior 2. I had no means and somebody to help me go further in Education. I first heard of YWCA in 2002 while I was in Tambura. This was from some members who had come from Yambio to introduce and open a branch in Tambura. I became interested in the association and joined it sometime later. I was one of the three members who were selected to come from Tambura and participated in the board elections. Furthermore, I was elected as one of the YWCA Board Members since then. I had to relocate to Yambio. The women and the girls including myself have benefitted greatly from the association. This has been through Capacity Building of members through Education, English courses, HIV/Aids Awareness, Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriages, and Gender Based Violence programmes among others.

Victoria Albert Mokisi

Victoria Albert Mokisi

I became interested in politics when NCP Party came to our area with their programmes that attracted me to join politics. NCP promised to sponsor the youth that would join it. I thought and saw that my childhood dreams of completing my education would be achieved through joining politics. I joined and contested in the 2010 Elections as one of the MPs. Unfortunately the party didn’t do well in the election and I was never elected. However, I still hope to complete my education and I am committed to the YWCA!

Written by Victoria Albert Mokisi.