My awesome experience at the Study Session

Krist Angela Ziçishti is a young woman volunteer in the YWCA of Albania. She was a participant at the European Study Session in Strasbourg and enthusiastically shares the lessons she learnt on leadership and the friends she made for life.

I am very happy to be here at the European Study Session, with all these great and strong young women! I have learned so much since I came here, especially about leadership.

Krist Angela Zicishti & Kgothatso Mokoena

I always thought that leadership is something you have to demand and be assertive about, that you had to be superior in some way or that you had to be smarter than other people. I have never really thought that I have the virtues to be a leader. But I now understand through the various exercises and sessions we participated in, that a leader has to have humility. A leader is also someone who knows what is right and stands for it no matter what. She has to be sincere, she has to be herself, and she always has to grow spiritually.

I was touched when Juli Dugdale, Global Programme Manager Women’s Leadership and Movement Building at the World YWCA, was talking about leadership. I was somehow at  peace with myself and accepting of myself, that somehow the qualities of leadership were in me too. It was just a retrospective of my life. It was like all my living came in front of me and was telling to me

“Be yourself! You are great!”

I realized that there were moments where I had set an example of people around me to be themselves and be comfortable with their personalities. Everyone has their own charisma, everyone has their own defects but these are what make us special and beautiful.

An experience I had that was extremely meaningful to me was a session where we were divided into groups and asked to design campaigns. We were also given themes to base our campaigns on. My working group received the theme of ‘violence against women’. We presented a very short movie ,with no words,  just the expressions of our faces and gestures.

We filmed it with a lot of passion , giving our best , and really getting into our roles and characters. We had a lot fun  and laughter too, especially with my mistakes during the takes of the video.

I love working in a team because you have wonderful friends that encourage you to go on, to have dreams, and maybe one day these dreams will become my reality. I will say it again , I am so happy that these young women came into my life, and they came like an hurricane , determined, they have the will to succeed , they give me positive energy . I am going to miss them!  I feel so sad and so happy at the same time that the study session will soon end and we have to part. But now I will have friends from all over the world and I will celebrate them all.  They are all wonderful leaders in their own unique ways.

I love you girls… don’t ever forget me…!!