Middle East Regional Young Women’s Training

By Mira Smeirat Hanna, a young woman from the YWCA of Jordan

If I talk about my experience in this conference I would say that it has been good because it is a meeting of women and young women from across the region and  we are exchanging ideas, experiences, opinions, and new methods. So I am glad that I was part of this conference where I had the chance to speak my mind and voice my opinions towards the issues related to justice, peace, women and human rights. Issues that we need to discuss in order to be agents of change. The atmosphere was great especially considering that we all come from one back ground which is the Arab nation. We shared the demands, needs and passion in addition to political, cultural and social problems and obstacles.  We are one and we are all there to support each other and that was the case. I think is the YWCA Jordan is still on the beginning of the track to go towards the change of the core of the work because the name of the Y stands for young and still we don’t have many young women and the authority isn’t ours it’s the old ladies’ yet we can’t start the real action before taking that  into consideration.

So I was inspired by the activity of Lebanon and Egypt they have great youth activities and now we need a re-starting point to find the youth of YWCA Jordan and to be represented on the board. It’s important that we see and meet with role models like Omar Bargouthy, he made a presentation at the conference that made a great impact on me.  I want to do my best to work towards the idea of BDS. It was a life changing idea for me and such a model should be influential in attracting more young ladies to become members. Moreover, I gained new friends and new information regarding international laws of women rights and human rights too, new practical experience of presenting myself, my leadership, my personal knowledge and experience, my skills and voice. Meeting extraordinary women empowered and powerful even though they are married with children and old but still they are active and influential, all of that gave me the hope and enthusiasm that there are no borders. When I stand still, work hard and be myself and fight for my success and my values and never stop there will be no barriers because God gave me the capability and youth to use it well and face the world for creating a better world that I love and I want to see in the future. I wish to thank the YWCA for this opportunity.