Working together for a better future

Aju Nyachhyon

Aju Nyachhyon

By Aju Nyachhyon, a young woman  from the YWCA of Nepal

In Kathmandu, Nepal on the 28th of April 2012 the World YWCA held a week long training ‘Mobilising Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy’.  The training titled “I am a young women, I am a leader” was organised by Juli Dugdale, Women’s Leadership & Movement Building World YWCA Global Programme Manager. The training aims to increase the capacity of young women and mentors in order to build and exercise leadership in their lives, communities and to advocate for their rights. In total 18 young women and five women from six Asian countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar participated in the Nepal training. One participant, Aju Nyachhyon  from the YWCA of Nepal shares her experience:

This last week has been an awesomely busy yet fun week. I have made friends from so many countries, all young and all leaders. I am at training for mobilising young women’s leadership and advocacy with the World YWCA. All countries taking part have so many stories, different yet so similar, all related to the different issues and concerns of women. From sexual and reproductive health and rights or violence against women, all countries have had lots of issues. It’s been a truly great experience being involved and learning about project implementation.

Between the training, we went for a field visit to a slum area in Kathmandu. The women and their families welcomed us with lovely local flowers and it was a nice time being with them, knowing them and the difficulties they have overcome in their lives. But it was great to witness the strength and determination of the mothers in supporting their families. It was clear that they are very much aware of their health issues in their area and are working with each other to solve their problems. They were extremely aware of the importance of having to be empowered, self-dependant and healthy.  One woman commented that “This is thanks to the YWCA of Nepal and the programmes they deliver in the area”. YEAH US, the YWCA of Nepal!! I felt so proud in that moment. However, those in the slum areas still have some significant problems with government who are trying to destroy their houses and this is a major concern because they have nowhere else to go and little income. But today it was great to see happy faces and cooperation despite the hardship.

I’m having a time of my life here! And its last day…Lots of memories.