Women of faith gather at CSW 2010

By World YWCA CSW Intern and Superstar: Chelsey Butchereit

The World YWCA delegates that attended the Ecumenical Women Orientation Day on February 27, 2010 at the United Nations Church Center were part of a group of a couple hundred women (and men) that received training about combining their faith and advocacy efforts during CSW 2010.

A review of the establishment of CSW, a short history of the BPFA, and an introduction to Ecumenical Women’s organisation was presented first.

Following that, there were speakers that discussed how faith communities could engage the UN specifically on issues where Ecumenical Women believes the BPFA remains unfulfilled. These include

·      Ending the culture and practice of impunity: violence against women

·      Transforming leadership: Gender, Power, and Decision-Making

·      Establishing Economic Justice: Women and the Economic and Financial Crisis

Keynote speakers addressed these issues and gave examples of innovative ways faith groups are tackling challenges related to women’s rights in their communities. As a group we were also encouraged to not only work during the days of CSW but throughout the entire year on building relationships with UN members and holding the body accountable for what they say they will do.

To finish the orientation a couple of hours were dedicated to advocacy training and practice. During this time the World YWCA participants Arda Aghazaria, Sheila Matindike, and Chelsey Butchereit re-energised the entire group when they role played how they could use the Ecumenical Women’s talking points in a short encounter with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon (role played by our very own World YWCA staff Juli Dugdale!).

It was another nice day of preparation as we all gear up for the start of CSW on Monday.

World YWCA CSW Chelsey Butchereit

Visit http://www.worldywca.org  for more information

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