Ruth Lechte, veteran activist, on crisis in Fiji

The World YWCA will feature several interview with Fijian women leaders on the current crisis in Fiji this week. We  will post the interviews on the blog as well.  The World YWCA has called for solidarity with the women and girls in Fiji as they face political instability. UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and conflict calls for women’s full participation in peace building.  Read how women in Fiji feel the government and international community can contribute to peace in Fiji.

Ruth Lechter, Fijian activist and YWCA leader

In this interview, Ruth Lechte, National General Secretary of Fiji YWCA from 1962, South Pacific Regional Secretary from 1974, and World YWCA Secretary for Energy and Environment /Appropriate Technology from 1984-94, discusses the immediate issues facing women in Fiji and what the World YWCA needs to do next.

What are the most pressing issues now facing women and children in Fiji?

How long have you got?! The long answer is a description of how the major cultures work and the religions control people thus ensuring women have a second-class status.

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A different world is possible, says Gumbonzanda on World YWCA Day

YWCAs around the world celebrate World YWCA Day on April 24. This year, associations in Australia and Kenya, Peru and India, and many other countries held events to commemorate the day. At the World YWCA office in Geneva, we had a spendid event with video, photos and interesting presentations from Mexico and Myanmar as well as on the upcoming World YWCA Council 2011.

Check out the photos on our  flickr page.

Watch Nyaradzai’s message below where she calls for a different world “where humanity is celebrated, where human dignity is a lived experience, everywhere, everyday.” ”