Leaving AIDS 2008 with mixed emotions

Homeless people protest at AIDS 2008

Homeless people protest at AIDS 2008

Contributor: Natalia Cales

As I prepare to leave the IAC in Mexico City, I have many thoughts running through my mind. Overall, I had a wonderful opportunity to network and meet amazing people from around the world who are working towards meaningful change in the “HIV/AIDS World”.

Everyone who attended the conference brought a different focal point to the theme, Universal Action Now! I witnessed several protest demonstrations by different activist groups, including homeless people with HIV, transgender individuals, gay and lesbian rights, Dance 4 Life, people against PEPFAR, youth living with AIDS, etc.

Despite being surrounded by a lot of empowering people, I am leaving the conference with mixed emotions about the future of HIV and AIDS.

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Natalia Cales reflects on AIDS 2008

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Reflections on the XVII International AIDS Conference…